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Specialty Chemicals Company in the Gulf Coast

Specialty Chemicals Company in the Gulf Coast

A specialty chemicals company in the gulf coast producing materials used in industrial manufacturing and in household goods found the right incident management solution with the CFowTM Incident Tracking system for it’s manufacturing plant.

The company was able to achieve operational excellence, realize a quick return on investment and reduce its incident rates plantwide.

Need to Track Plant Incidents

Initially the company spend many hours per week investigating and tracking plant incidents via paper logs, word documents, spreadsheets and emails. In many cases repeat incidents were occurring without the ability to analyze the data in a dashboard view and without an electronic reporting system with a built-in automated email approval workflow system. This situation not only prevented the company from improving its incident rates, it also introduced regulatory audit compliance risks.


Incident Tracking Made Easy

CSoft’s plant management dashboard better known as CFlowTM Incident Tracking is an incident investigation solution enabling end-to-end reporting on all information related to work processes and incidents. It covers a multitude of needful actions including initial notifications, plant investigative information with the ability to assign and track corrective actions or preventive actions providing a complete audit history of an incident.

Upon implementation and as explained by the plant operations manager, the CFlowTM Incident Tracking system became an integral part of the plant safety management system. On a daily basis, incidents and corrective actions are tracked to closure. The system allowed the facility to fully capture the critical information associated with safety and quality incidents.

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