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CNotes™ - Shift Notes With Operational Excellence

Despite technological advances, too many manufacturing plants still rely on handwritten logbooks, Word documents, spreadsheets, Access databases, or all of the above to record plant performance and how operators reacted to changes in the operating environment.

These organizations also rely on verbal communication to inform the next shift about lineups, safety information, or other special information to help employees run their area safely and efficiently.

CNotes™ delivers a powerful, yet easy-to-use web-based package that allows authorized personnel to generate questions, daily orders, safety messages, and equipment schedules for industrial plants and other industries where critical notes must be passed from one shift to another.

Because it is completely web-based, CNotes™ provides flexible reporting from any PC connected to your intranet. Reports can be generated, displayed and printed with the ability to look at your entire operation or a specific unit, entries that are outside the specified operating targets, or notes for the employees.

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