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Management of Change WorkFlow (CFlow™)

How does your company deal with the requirement for a management of change process? To meet the agency requirements, you must detail your plan and then follow it. If you are still accomplishing this with a paper system or using spreadsheets, word documents, or some other manual process then you need to consider CFlow, CSoft Technologies’ workflow management system, as your company’s solution.

In business today, activities may be divided into tasks handled by several different areas. Using workflow management systems can often control the relationship between tasks and their execution requirements. CFlow, CSoft Technologies’ workflow management system, helps your company definite its workflow processes and related tasks, implements the defined processes, and gives your company the flexibility it needs to change processes as business needs and information systems change.

The CSoft Work Flow System (cFlow) is designed to handle all the requirements for managing change within a chemical plant or refinery. cFlow-MOC will allow you to set up technical review committees to ensure that any change has been given all the possible attention. cFlow-MOC will track the change process from initiation all the way through PSSR items and then ensures that all the documentation is complete. cFlow-MOC has been developed in a general fashion to meet the needs of most sites but it can also be easily customized to meet any other needs.

Management of Change CFlow tracks the MOC process using a web-based workflow. Data entered into the workflow is stored in a database and is passed to the next user as the MOC progresses through all its various stages. MOC workflow provides the following basic steps: