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Refining Company

Refining Company with Assets in North America and Europe

Large refining company with assets in North America and Europe migrated to a secure Microsoft Azure Cloud hosted CNotesTM instance, providing 99.99% uptime with excellent application performance.

With one of the largest refineries in North America and in Europe, this international refining and marketing company was able to achieve operational excellence, realize a quick return on investment and reduce its internal Information Technology footprint.

Reducing Plant Incidents and Maintenance Costs

Initially reliable shift communications handover was desired with the goal of reducing repeat plant incidents, lowering maintenance costs with end-to-end vendor application support. The refinery leadership team understood the urgency of this need and to replace all existing and disparate methods of collecting shift notes such as verbal, paper and spreadsheet documents. The need of the hour was to consolidate plant wide shift communications into a single system which was both easy to use for operators and which would provide rich reporting content for management to be able to make critical business decisions with this data.


Cloud Solution ROI

With a quick project implementation and training turnaround timeline, it was decided to have the CNotesTM application be hosted by CSoft Technologies as the most economical and effective solution. Internal IT cost savings were realized immediately with this option as there was no server hardware, database software licensing or ongoing IT application support maintenance expenses involved. CSoft utilizes secure and high-performance Microsoft Azure based cloud servers with the latest Microsoft Windows operating system as well as the latest Microsoft SQL Server database. In addition, all of the application implementation work and future application upgrade and maintenance efforts would all be managed by CSoft and at the speed of the business needs without any dependance on internal IT support.

The following actual benefits were realized at the refinery:

Enterprise Reporting

So successful was the implementation of the CNotes™ system at the facility that the company presented a paper on the benefits at a major industry conference. After the initial success of the North American asset, the business decision was made to roll out CNotes™ to the European asset with the same cloud-based model. Not only has the European site achieved similar successful shift communications results, in addition, the senior leadership of the company also has access to real time reporting from both sites instantly at their fingertips.


About CSoft Technologies

CSoft Technologies believes in using proven leading-edge technologies that deliver superior results in shorter time frames with solid ROI. 

The CNotes™ electronic shift notes system delivers a powerful, yet easy-to-use web-based package that allows authorized personnel to generate questions, daily orders, safety messages, and equipment schedules for industrial plants and other industries where critical notes must be passed from one shift to another.

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